Dayeanne Hutton is known around the internet as the eager and loveable assistant, Harriet Smith, on the Emmy Award winning web series, Emma Approved! You can also hear her in the popular video game, Life is Strange, as Kate Marsh - (Save Kate!)

Living in Los Angeles, she is soaking up the sun (in spirit; I mean just look at that lack of tan) and all the city has to offer. When not dressing up as characters for children's parties or brushing up on her Harry Potter trivia, she is working as a company member of Loft Ensemble.

Dayeanne is also experienced with Motion Capture, and is having a blast developing her talents in modeling and voiceover. Be sure to check out the Video page for more examples of her work! She hopes to one day be able to travel the world for work; acting, exploring, and eating all of the food :) 

When not busy acting, she often dreams of owning her own llama or having sweet banjo skills. Other hobbies include: spinning pinwheels, crocheting, plunking away at the ukulele, and singing loudly in the car.