Dayeanne, (pronounced Day – Anne) also happily answers to Daye. And don't you leave off that “e”, because she’s not just any other normal day ;) 

A proud Ravenclaw, she enjoys making Harry Potter references whenever possible, and finds that “perfectly normal thank you very much”. She's also more likely to be found trespassing on your property to pet a cat, than demurely waiting next door for you. Don’t let her sweet looks fool you though, she’ll curse like a sailor if you put her in LA traffic or force her to watch a scary movie (please don't).

Alter-egos include Harriet Smith, the eager and adorable assistant from the Emmy winning web series, Emma Approved; Kate Marsh, the quiet but kind-hearted teen from the multiple award winning video game, Life is Strange; and the Jane Austen fangirl playing tribute with her ukulele on I Ship It, from CW Seed .

Her long term goals include owning a llama, learning banjo, and becoming a wizard.