Dayeanne (Pronouced Day-Anne) also happily answers to Daye. 

A proud Ravenclaw, she enjoys making Harry Potter references whenever possible, and finds it “perfectly normal thank you very much.” Her looks can be deceiving; as she is more likely to be found trespassing on your property to pet a cat than demurely waiting next door for you (lame). She’ll also curse like a sailor if you put her in LA traffic or force her to watch a scary movie (please don't). 

Alter-egos include Harriet Smith, the eager and adorable assistant from the Emmy-winning web series Emma Approved Kate Marsh, the quiet but kind-hearted teen from the multiple award-winning video game, Life is Strange and the Jane Austen fangirl playing tribute with her ukulele on I Ship It, from CW Seed.

Her long-term goals include owning a llama, learning banjo, and becoming a wizard.